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Grass fed Montana beef 100% pasture raised

An excellent source for your local beef.

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We sell grass fed and finished, pasture raised delicious beef that will satisfy your taste buds and your conscience.

Do you...

Care about animal welfare and also like a great steak or juicy burger,
Like the idea of shopping local and care about our planet,

View food as medicine and see pasture based meat as an investment in long term health...
Uncommon Beef LLC exists to serve you and your family beef that satisfies these expectations.

What others are saying...

grass finished steak

For my family, finding the best beef is our top priority. We have scoured the web only to find here in our back yard is the absolute best tasting, highest quality beef.

Nothing beats this product. I know. I have looked.

Jeff, Bozeman MT

Your Family Deserves the Best

Meat that will nourish you without hurting the planet and that respects the animal

Did you know, it is estimated that 97% of the beef produced in America is grain-fed, feedlot beef. Be a part of the 3%.
When cattle are out on the land and managed well, they aid in building living soils and sequestering carbon into healthy growing grasses.
Leave the gates open at any cattle operation and see if the cattle prefer the fields or the corrals. Happier cattle equals better beef and doesn't leave anyone with a guilty conscious.
Play an important role in building up our local foods systems. Know who raised your food and have confidence in its quality.

How It Works

Buying beef in bulk can be complicated. We're here to help you understand and feel confident about the process.

Reserve a quarter beef, reserve a half beef

Submit Deposit

We accept both in-person or online payments. Submit your payment for a deposit on a whole, half, or quarter beef and this gets you in line for our next finished beef. Seasonally, we also offer gift boxes of beef for those not prepared for a bulk purchase.

montana local beef

Finished Cattle Are Processed

Our cattle continue to eat and convert grass into delicious protein. Then when an animal is 'finished' it is sent to be processed. We will make contact with you about cut selections. Final payment is based on hanging weight of the animal and includes freezer ready packaging.

Grass finished Beef Steak

Your Beef is Delivered

Processing takes approximately two weeks which includes dry-aging time after which your beef is boxed and delivered. We sell locally and do not ship. We make local delivery arrangements with your personally.

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"Uncommon" How?

We believe Mother Nature has already figured out the perfect recipe for raising the best tasting and highest quality beef. We're trying to listen and follow her prescription.

  • Cattle spend their entire lives in open fields, unconfined.

  • A natural diet of grasses, no corn or soy.

  • No added hormones, no antibiotics.

  • Cattle graze rotationally to build soil health

  • A first-generation, small family operation, founded by a woman rancher.

  • Sold locally, processed locally, eaten locally.

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Meet the Family

The Kirchners

Catherine Kirchner
Derek Kirchner

Catherine Kirchner

Founding Owner

Derek Kirchner

No. 1 Supporter/ Jack of All Trades

Kirchner Kiddos

The Next Generation

Uncommon Beef In the News

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We'd Love to Show You Around!

Come by to meet the cattle and learn about our production practices, we'll buy you coffee.

Big Timber MT 59011

(406) 740-2510

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