About Uncommon Beef

We believe Mother Nature has already figured out the perfect recipe for raising the best tasting and highest quality beef. We're trying to listen and follow her prescription.

This small family-run cattle operation exists because of a simple common dream. My dream to pass onto my family something tangible and timeless, an agricultural lifestyle. A lifestyle anchored in hard work worth doing, knowing where our food comes from, raising and providing high-quality animal protein to our community and caring for and giving back to the land that gives us so much. 
All journeys must start somewhere. 
We begin here, with our four bred Aberdeen Angus cross cows. We plan to raise and direct-market their calves and to slowly expand our herd. 
These cattle are bred for maximum production on pasture grazing. They will live their entire lives in the fields where they were born, wean naturally from their mothers when they are ready to do so, and eat a diet best suited for ruminant animals of bio-diverse grasses.
It is difficult to raise cattle in this manner and maintain profitability which is why we choose to direct-market to our local community. We believe in living local, we will harvest and process our cattle locally and sell them to our neighbors. Our cattle will take a short transport to an inspected meat processing facility and then head straight to the freezers of our customers. This way we control the price we get for our animals. We believe ranchers should be paid a price that makes their operation and lifestyle sustainable. We also believe that families should be able to afford high-quality grass fed beef. By, cutting out most of the middle men involved in the industrial meat markets we make both of these goals more attainable. 
We are proud first-generation cattle producers. We have a lot to learn through this journey! 
We invite you along for the ride!