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Finished Cattle Are Processed

Let's talk about the process of our cattle becoming your beef.

Our cattle continue to eat in their pastures and convert grass into delicious protein. Then when an animal is 'finished' it is sent to be processed.

Finished is a term that is used to indicate that the cow has reached an age and weight for its breed so that its meat is mature in taste and ideal in tenderness. Finished is a subjective state, while there are some guiding principles, it falls to every rancher's individual eye to guide them to know when an animal is ready. 


Processing is handled by a local USDA inspected facility. Due to market demand and other factors, inspected meat processing plants are regularly booked out 12 months at a time. We make an educated case about when we will need our next processing date for an animal and call to reserve a date far in advance.

fat happy cattle eating grass on pasture
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