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5 ways to regain control of your groceries...

Updated: May 7, 2022

It can be unsettling when we realize we don't have much choice but to pay whatever prices the grocery store or gas stations decide on any given day. It can even be a source of anxiety if buying high quality nutrient dense foods are important to you and your family for health reasons. There is good news. There are concrete steps we can take to insolate ourselves from the instability of food supply chains. Full disclosure these aren't short term fixes or incredibly novel ideas for that matter. But, you might even find a new passion or hobby along the way to regaining control over your groceries.

  1. Plant a raised-bed garden or container garden. You can start small. We did, with just 2-3 containers to grow some simple stuff we enjoy like lettuce, kale and basil. Bonus, if you re-purpose a part of your lawn you'll save on your water bill. Interested in adding a patriotic spin? Click here to learn more about climate Victory gardens.

  2. Learn to or add fishing and/or hunting to fill the freezer. Don't forget to buy the proper licenses and take the necessary hunter safety courses.

  3. Buy pasture raised meats in bulk, also known as "by the share." You'll get higher quality meat at a locked in price. Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb all keep their quality in the freezer for 6+ months (elk and deer too).

  4. Add a backyard flock of laying hens for fresh eggs. Or, if you have some space try your hand at broiler chickens. There are a lot of amazing resources out there from homesteader types making this work (more power to them). This one will be more expensive than grocery store eggs or chicken. But, you'll know where your eggs and chicken are coming from and how the birds are treated. Plus, someone in the family might fall in love with them.

  5. Consider joining or creating a buying club with your friends and family. For more information, click here. If you're a local reading this, reach out to QFD of Bozeman and see what they require you might be surprised about the low cost to get started.

* Bonus - consider adding a compost or vermi-compost bin to your sustainable food practices. It will divert green waste from landfills and feed your garden and possibly your chickens (with the worms) too.

I hope this list gives you ideas and inspiration that you don't have to give up on healthy foods during times of record inflation. No, they aren't quick fixes. And, it's not realistic to try all of these ideas out at once, but starting small is still a good start. You might find yourself, maybe a year from now, further down the rabbit hole of sourcing your own food through sustainable local living. I know it has been that way for us at least. Once you taste the satisfaction that comes from growing or procuring your own food it creates momentum on this flywheel that just propels you forward deeper into that journey. It's fun.

Also, if you're considering buying grass fed, pasture raised beef in bulk from a local producer, visit our webstore. There you can reserve a quarter, half or whole beef today.

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