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Heritage Breed, Pasture Raised Pork

Now proud to offer Pig Timber Pork through our partnership with friend and local farmer Todd Zook. He is raising Berkshire breed pigs, out on open pastures on a soy-free and corn-free diet.

The Berkshire Breed

One of the oldest breeds of pigs, originally from England where it gets its name. These are mostly black pigs except they have white markings on their feet, snout and tail. They produce an exceptional quality of meat. The fat marbles well throughout the meat which gives a juicy and flavorful eating experience. It is a darker meat than store bought pork and has a firm and pleasant texture. 
Tom Boyce, Chef de Cuisine at Wolfgang Puck’s flagship Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago, is one of the Berkshire’s fans.
“I love the richness of the Berkshire pork—and the fact that most farmers raising them are treating them better and doing a better job for the environment than the commodity-pork producers. They are raising them in an artisanal fashion.
“It is the only kind of pig we use here at Spago,” Boyce says. "The response is always excellent; everyone absolutely loves the flavor.”

Available Summer 2021

Now Accepting Deposits for Pork Shares

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