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Deciding What's Important...

Was there a moment when you decided how you source your food is important?

I recently had a call with one of our favorite customers. We scheduled the call because I want to try to better understand why certain people prioritize buying good food for themselves and their family.

I wondered if there was a moment in time where something happened and eating well became a priority or if was a gradual change.

For this hard working husband and dad, it was more of a gradual awakening. That’s more or less the same for our family as well.

How does it start?

Sometimes you read a thought provoking book like Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan or Defending Beef by Nicolette Hahn Niman (or so many others, that's another topic for a different day).

Or sometimes, it’s a family member being sick and the need to find a way to heal them beyond traditional medicine.

Maybe like many, you don’t have faith that “the man” or government has your best interests at heart. So, you want to make sure you know how to and can provide for you and yours.

I relate to all of these sentiments. But, typically once you learn a little about the current state of our food supply and true nutrition, it’s just the start.

Maybe that rabbit hole will lead you to a farmers markets to get to know local producers,

Maybe you’ll find yourself spending more on food you can trust and making sacrifices elsewhere to find ways to afford it.

Or, maybe it’s looks like learning to garden, forage, fish or hunt.

For my part, I hope the trend continues…

And people keep waking to their desire to reconnect with the land, animals, and people that feed us.

Hoping you and yours are well.



As always if you appreciate a delicious burger or juicy steak please reach out. We sell primarily beef shares (quarter beef, half a beef, or whole beef) these days. And, we are honored to be your local source of grass fed and grass finished Montana beef.

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